Terms Descriptions – Auto Link Phrases

Interlinking your blog content is a big deal if you’re talking about SEO. You want to be able to tell readers and search engines about your other related content but sometime you don’t always remember to link posts correctly. So having a tool to auto link phrases with the right post or page would be ideal right? Well then you need to have a look at a plugin called Terms Descriptions.

Terms Descriptions - Auto Link Phrases

This plugin allows you to create list of terms and assign links to them. This plugin replaces occurrences of terms in your posts with appropriate links.

Unlike similar plugins I’ve seen this plugin lets you pick what phrases or terms get linked to what. Providing you with complete control over your linking structure is a must in my opinion.

Setup of this plugin requires a bit of work so read on. To get the plugin on your site just search for “Terms Descriptions” from the “Add New” menu under Plugins on your WordPress install. Once activated it will create its own menu towards the bottom of your WordPress admin sidebar. The first part we need to setup is the options so navigate to “Terms -> Options“.

Terms Descriptions Settings - Auto Link Phrases

The options available are quite detailed so let me explain what I have selected above as I believe it be the best setup.

  • Convert Terms – Only set this for posts, adding links to your comments seems counter-productive.
  • Convert The First – This sets how many times a phrase or word will be converted in each post. I think linking out to each term just once is appropriate
  • Maximum Transformations Number – Limits the number of links added to an individual post. Given you are likely to automatically link at least one post naturally setting this to 2 is a good balance on links verses text.
  • Consider Existing Links – If you happen to link a post with a designated phrase already the plugin will take that into consideration. An example would be if I had the term “WordPress” setup as a phrase in the plugin and also linked it manually in a post. The plugin would consider this 1 of the 2 links it can create.
  • Add CSS Class – Allows you to set specific styling to the automatically linked phrases. Leave blank unless sure you know what you are doing.
  • Add Title To Attributes – Inserts the “Title” attribute to the link with created.
  • Wrap Link – Leave blank unless you know what you’re doing.
  • Convert Terms Only On A Single Pages – This helps prevent un-necessary links being created on your home, category and archive pages.
  • Open Link In New Page – Nice to have but leave it unchecked. Don’t force your readers to view content how you want it viewed.
  • Show – Limits the number of phrases you see per page (see this page below).
  • Parser – Determine how specific the plugin will analyse your content. Best to pick the simple option in my opinion as the more advanced the more server resources required by your host.

Terms Descriptions Phrase Setup

The final piece of the puzzle is to then setup the phrases or terms you wish to be automatically linked via the plugin. You first need to select the phrase/phrases that will be tied to each link. For me I only see the need to enter one phrase per link but for items like your about page you may get it setup to link both “About” and “About Us” as potential options for the page.

Second you set if the phrases will link to one of the following types of content on your site:

  • Post
  • Page
  • Media
  • External Link
  • Post ID

And then start typing in the box to the right. For the Post/Page option it automatically suggests page titles which is a neat feature.

From the testing I’ve done the plugin works a treat. The ability for bloggers to have specific phrases setup that will automatically link to your about, disclaimer and contact pages is really handy. Additionally you can then tweak the settings to link specific posts but do try to keep the number of phrases down. The more options you provide the more server resources will be required to generate each page which can cause the load time of your site to increase.

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Terms Descriptions – Auto Link Phrases

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  1. My problem with this kind of plugin in the past has been it starts to really thrash the database when you’ve got dozens of key phrases… It’s OK on low load and with object caching, but when you have hundreds of pages being generated it takes a big performance hit… How does this plugin react to that?

    Craig July 22, 2013 at 6:20 pm #
    • Craig its still got issues with lots of terms, I don’t think a plugin exists to get around that. I just like this plugin better than some of the others that automatically link words to URL’s without you being able to pick. At least here you get the power to pick how often and what keywords get automatically linked in a blog post.

      Chris Richardson July 22, 2013 at 7:49 pm #

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