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RTW Labs - October Workshop

Being a blogger is hard work (I should know – I am one). You need to be able to create captivating content on your blog to lure in your audience; produce targeted, well-timed social media messages and campaigns across multiple platforms to keep them; and then you need to develop photography skills that hit the target every time, transfixing your audience so they simply can’t look away…

If they look away, you’ve lost them.

To be a successful blogger you need a veritable quiver of arrows in your arsenal – and every single one of them needs to hit the target.

So while bright-eyed first-time bloggers (and even some well-travelled oldtimers) begin loading their metaphorical quivers with critical skills like the ones mentioned above, they often forget to take the time to stock up in the tech department, by making sure their blog is healthy. In other words – the quiver itself.

No quiver?

No arrows.

Let’s play a scary game. It’s called “what can you afford?”

Can you afford for your site to fall apart while you’re tinkering with the theme or the CSS – and not have a clue how to put it back together? Can you afford to be infected with malware and lose 90% of your visitors while you’re getting it fixed, many of whom will never return? Can you afford to have a slow, buggy blog that clients, customers and sponsors will take one look at and think “what an amateur”? Can your business afford any of these things?

Most people don’t consider these to be critical issues until disaster strikes…and then it’s way too late.

I don’t want to see this happen to you.


To address that imbalance, and teach people about the importance of having a website back-end you can rely on, I’m announcing my first ever blogger workshop, taking place this October while so many of you lovely bloggers are in Ireland for a certain conference. I know how difficult it can be learning the technical side of things online yourself – so I want to treat 5 lucky bloggers to a one on one session with yours truly.

You’ll get to ask me all the hard questions about WordPress, plugins and all sorts of other techy questions, while I help you with the following:

  • Making sure WordPress is setup correctly and securely…
  • Getting you set up with all the right plugins, and remove all the wrong ones so they don’t bring your site to its knees…
  • Evaluating and improving your site’s speed and security…
  • Discussing your theme and site layout…
  • Teaching you all my secret blogging tips…
  • And best of all, I’ll not only help you with your problems, I’ll teach you the solutions – so you won’t need my help next time.

Following on from the face to face session you’ll also get a follow-up Skype call a few weeks later to evaluate everything we discussed.

You can’t afford for disaster to strike – but you can afford this.

So how much does all this cost then, you ask?

If I was going to tally it up, you’d be looking at more than 400 dollars worth of my time and expertise (and that’s without the luxury of having one on one real life face time with me). Instead, for this unique workshop I’m offering up the whole package for just:


Now remember this workshop is limited to the first 5 bloggers that sign up and you must be coming to Ireland between the 1st and the 4th of October 2013 to take part. Your session can be scheduled around the time that suits you best while in Dublin.

For any other questions about the workshop please fire over an email to info@rtwlabs.com. So what are you waiting for? Go signup via the big blue button below before your place is taken by someone else!

Signup Now For Just $99


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